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Creating Links | Members Website

Creating Links

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Creating Links
Posted September 13, 2010 by Brett Miller

How to create a Link

1. When Editing your page, wait until the Content Toolbox loads.

2. In the Content area, type the words you want your underlined link to be attached to.

3. Highlight those words and click the "Link" button. It's the one with a little Earth picture with chain links over it.

4. A little window titled "Link" should open up.

Enter the URL in the "URL" field. Do not put the http:// in there, it's already present.

5. If completed, click "OK" then "Save" at bottom of Edit page.

How to make your Link open in a new window

1. To have your Link open in another window and leave your website still present, click the "Target" tab.

2. In the Target drop-down menu, select "New Window (_blank)".

3. When finished creating your link, click "OK" which close the little window that opened up.

4. If you are done editing this page, click "Save" at the bottom.